We Go Circular


The circular economy is the economic model of the future, replacing the disposable economy. 
The EU needs a new circular economy action plan, a circular economy 2.0, which would extend the concept into all significant sectors such as construction, electronics, textiles, mobility and food.
Join us to go from linear to circular economy in a holistic way, with business success, permanent education, preventive healthcare, and sustainable (climate) transition, to create an enriching, inclusive society and a better common future.

Plan globally, act locally

We are setting up a TEALcenter in Antwerp, Belgium, connecting to other cities in the Smart Circular City network.
The TEALcenter (www.tealcenter.org) is a versatile community center where stakeholders can meet to co-learn and co-work on many activities (ecosystem design, eco-innovation and renewable energy, repair, preventive health care,...) . 

Designed by Made with Love Projects foundation, and built from recuperated materials with support from our partners, including the Flemish and local governments of Antwerp (Province and City of Antwerp), we also plan to set up an Urban Resource Center that will help organise the various resource flows that enter the city so that they can be processed with maximum circular effect.